About Home Barista

I set up Home Barista following a visit to Tanzania with Operation Raleigh. As an International Development Undergraduate I decided to combine my vocation with my addiction to all things tea and coffee, to find the best products and, wherever possible, source them ‘fairly traded’.

You’ll find my definition on ‘fairly traded’ products on a separate page; but the essential criteria is that the grower received a fair price even if their products are not certified as ‘Fairtrade”.

We do not exclude top quality products if we can’t confirm their provenance, so you will find products that don’t meet this criteria in our shop; but be assured I am working hard with our suppliers to rectify this. Just look for the ‘fairly traded’ mark if you want to be certain.

I hope you have as much fun exploring and trying our products as I have had sourcing them, and if I have poked your conscience just a little to know where the things you buy come from, and the conditions and economics of the supply chain that get them to you, then I will consider our bargain complete.

Thanks again for browsing,

Abi Clarke