777 Harbours and Anchorages: Sardinia and Corsica


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777 Sardinia and Corsica includes in one single publication everything needed to sail along the coasts of Sardinia and Corsica.

Six years after the first printing, we are now publishing the second edition, which has been completely updated.

On the charts we have added a latititude and longitude grid, so that each page has become a real aid to navigation, to be used alongside your own preferred method of navigation.

The map of the shore has been augmented and improved by the addition of streets, houses, and height contours, which help to show how clouds develop in response to local geography.

For the first time in a pilot book, we have included an innovative and important addition: this is the unique telephone number that you may use to book a mooring and receive information about the port.

Many new bays, data, and pictures of bays and ports have been included.

As usual, we have paid special attention to the anchorages and minor ports, which are the most interesting places for the cruising yachtsman.

We have incorporated many historical, cultural, and natural history details to allow a better understanding of the sailing areas. Meteorological and oceanographic reports, sailing rules, and the limitations and restrictions of the protected marine areas make this a comprehensive pilot for sailors in the Mediterranean.


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Edition: 2017

ISBN: 9788862000437

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